Week 3



George Washington’s Moves Data for the Battle of Brooklyn 1776

History didn’t just happen in the past, it happened right where you’re standing.

George Washington receives message that the British are attacking
[40.726833, -74.005278]

George Washington arrives at the Vechte–Cortelyou House and realizes he is wrong about feint in Long Island and orders troops from Long Island back to Brookland
[ 40.672989, -73.984602 ]

George Washington views the battle from Brooklyn Heights
[ 40.690059,  -73.988208 ]

After witnessing the Maryland 400 suffer a massacre, George Washington exclaims Good God, what brave fellows I must this day lose.
[  40.689681, -73.992356 ]

After several unsuccessful skirmishes and an overwhelming English army, George Washington and the Patriots are surrounded in Brooklyn Heights with the East River to their backs.
[ 40.680995,  -73.986075 ]

George Washington holds a meeting with his generals and concludes that the Patriots must retreat back to Manhattan under the cover of night or else suffer a devastating defeat
[ 40.689668,  -73.993763 ]

George Washington evacuates forces from the Fulton Ferry dock to Manhattan under fog and cover of night
[ 40.703581,  -73.992185 ]

George Washington and the last of the American soldiers safely land on Manhattan without a single casualty
[ 40.7048,  -74.0142 ]


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